Speciality Counters

LDH Holland 03

Temperature Class: 33M2 (+2°C / +4°C) 3M1 (0°C / +2°C) optionally
Modules: 1.25 | 1.875 | 2.5 | 3.75 |

Product Details (Standard):

  • Connecting to the external cooling unit
  • Dynamic cooling system
  • Electrical defosting without contactor + bimetalic thermostat
  • Expansion valve – mechanical, R404A
  • 2x NTC temperature probe
  • Drainage – siphon, ending Ø40
  • Exposition surface: stainless steel 0H18
  • Worktop: stainless steel
  • Only low glass version available
  • Glass – straight
  • External surfaces (front): stainless steel) 0H18
  • Exposition on legs – stainless steel 0H18
  • Sidewalls optionally
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