5 Amazing Benefits of Cool Room Panels

climate and temperature control mattersIf you’re a business owner, you probably realize that your commercial building needs some specific requirements. When it comes to certain business fields such as catering and hospitality, which handle a lot of perishable goods, you might realize that controlling the temperature of your storage unit is crucial.

For instance, if you deal with fruits, foods or even wine, you need to have the right storage temperature. While a fridge or cellar might suffice, it’s not an ideal choice for large quantities of goods, and this is why you need to reinforce your cold room with cooling room panels.
Just like their name suggests, coolroom panels are a versatile, durable, lightweight and energy efficient material that has thermal insulation properties. One of the significant benefits of the coolroom panels is they are superb at controlling the storage temperatures of your refrigerated room.

However, if you’re still on the fence on whether to purchase the panels, read on and see how panels can bring you and your endless business benefits.

1) Exceptional Insulation Properties

One of the major benefits of coolroom panels from Central West Refrigeration is their excellent insulation properties. The insulation properties of the panels are crucial, especially when you want to have total control of your refrigerated room. Therefore, whether you choose a panel that uses cell structure or board insulation, you can expect magnificent thermal performance with any available solution.

2) Energy Efficiency

refrigerated environment for foodEnergy cost is probably the biggest impediment to many industries in Australia. When it comes to regulating the temperature of a room, a lot of money is spent on cooling.

However, all this can be avoided with the use of a cool room panel. The panel will not only allow you to control the interior temperature with much less use of energy, but it also stabilizes the interior environment.

Each panel ensures that there’s no occurrence of thermal drift and can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

Additionally, the panels are so efficient that they will ultimately reduce your operating costs by more than 50%.

3) Temperature Control

One significant attribute of the cool-room panels is the provision of a stable environment. Similar to the working mechanism of a freezer, a panel offers passive temperature control, which not only allows extra efficiency, but it also provides a unique and comfy feel in the refrigerated rooms.

4) Cost Effective and Low Maintenance Solutions

panels for your coolrooms in perthWe’re living in hard economic times, and many industries and businesses are working on a tight budget. Therefore, having efficient cooling equipment should be given serious consideration by any business owner on a budget.

And this is where the cool room panels come into play; for a start, most of the panels provide quick construction. With a single-step installation process, the panels reduce the number of necessary trades and help in driving the overall installation and operation costs down.

The beauty of having an insulation panel in your cold room lies in their durability. If correctly installed, they can last for long without the need for a replacement or repair.

5) Design Flexibility and Safe

Panels for the commercial refrigeration industry are synonymous with versatility. These panels are available in a gamut of color, shape, sizes, and construction material. Therefore, whether you want the panel for the interior walls, roofs or exterior walls, coolroom panels have got you covered.

When it comes to safety, the panels are not only hygienic but allow for superior safety. For instance, most of the panels have a high fire rating and possess lifetime performance to protect you and your goods.

As you’ve seen above, you stand to gain a lot by installing a cool room panel. Unlike when the panels were seen as costly equipment, panels are now a must for any business.